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Oorto Geld II

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Oorto Geld II is the 113th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. The structure of Oorto Geld II, like the original, is made of toggle walls which lead to different sections. However, in this level, only four sections exist, the fireballs already change the wall for Chip, and walkers guard one chip in each section, which makes Oorto Geld II a little bit annoying: not only can the walkers block Chip, but they can interfere with the green buttons on some occasions. As Drew Thomas puts it in the original title, You Can't Remake Oorto Geld.

The proper route through is R 6U RU 4L 3U L 2D 2R 2U 2R DLD 2R U [1] UR 2D L 3D, then take the walker's chip. Now, slide over the teleport (which is inactive, and thus works as ice, until all the chips are taken), and step off the toggle wall to the right: 4R 3U 3R U 2L 2D 2R 2D LUL 2D R [1] RD 3L U 2L, and now take the chip from the walkers. In this section, Chip can expend up to three moves waiting for the walkers.

To the south, move 4D 4R D 3L D 2R [1] RD 6L [1] 2U RDRUL 3U, and Chip can lose one move to the walkers. Finally, to the west, 4L U 3L U 6D 2R URUL [1] LD 2U 2R UL 2U 3R, and head for the teleport and slide R, then step instantly D to exit. This boosting allows for a 671 -.9 score.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 113.png


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