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Partial Post

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Partial Post is the 138th level in Chip's Challenge 1. If you map out Partial Post, you will note that there are nine teleport rooms, with only the first one being different from the others, and one containing 16 blocks, numbered here in forwards reading order. Since all eight teleports aside from teleport 1 are blocked on the left side, Partial Post will cause its players to slide into insanity, until they figure out the hint's meaning: Chip must move the 16 blocks to each of the other eight rooms, located R and 2R (the 2R block to keep Chip from pushing the R block as he emerges) from the teleport, which will cause Chip to slide over the original teleport into the exit. (See the teleport page for more information.)

Even that is not an easy task. Slide >DUDUD to the teleport room, then stuff blocks 14, 15, 12, and then 9 into the teleport, and follow block 9 and push it back R into the teleport. Return back with >UDUD, shove blocks 16 and 13 L and block 10 through both teleports, then >DUD and move block 13 through both, >DUD and block 11, >UD and block 16, and finally >DU to reach the top 8 blocks.

Here, move block 6 through and >U, block 1 and >U, then move blocks 4 and 7 D, and now move 2L ULD 4R D (3L) 2:[2R U 3L] D 2R 2U 3L (2D). Move the last two blocks down to complete the "partial post" here, then slide D and U through the next three rooms and move the loose block to R off the teleport. The next slide returns you to the start; move this block through, then complete the partial post in each room, and finally slide back to the start. Now, you can step R into the teleport, which sends you into the exit.

To simplify the route for a lower time, push 14 blocks only U and D into the teleport, seven apiece, rather than move some of them L. Move the last two into position and then teleport into each room, completing the partial posts, and then exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 138.png


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