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Goldkey is the 137th level in Chip's Challenge 1, and the second of the three levels accessible from Cypher. Chip must barter through many "gold keys" and have one to spare at the very end in order to reach the exit.

Begin with 2U 15R 6U 2R to escape the paramecium herd, then collect the five yellow keys in the order you find them, yielding to bugs between 3 and 4. Open the four yellow locks on the right side and begin to slide across the airport-escalator force floors. Start with 2U, then 2D between two fire areas, 2U through another two, and 3D in total to reach the yellow key on the bottom. Finish with 3U and bust through the remaining locks.

All moves in this section are steps only; slides do not count. Since Chip has no keys, collect the one on the far right: R 4U RUR 2D 2R, return and go back onto the floors, but now turn north for one key. Step DRU 3R 3U, again through some more locks, to reach the far north. At this point, the exit is above Chip, but he has no keys, so he must navigate the maze in the northwest to collect some.

Pass the recessed wall and the pink balls to reach flippers, use them to collect the key from the bugs, and then slide across the force floors across the extreme west to a second key. To return to the northeast, step D 4R 2U 2R 3U, which will use one key, but Chip still has one. From the gravel, move L 2U to break through a secret blue wall panel, and move east into the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 137.png


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