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Production Line

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Production Line is the 184th level in Chip's Challenge 2 Level Pack 1. It was created by Andrew Menzies.

Casual solution[edit]

For this section, directional blocks will be named by the initial letters of their arrows, e.g. a directional block with an up, left, and down arrow will be called ULD.

In the start room, push the 3 directional blocks onto the force floor slide, ensuring the R block is pushed last. This opens 3 rooms which can be solved in any order. When all 3 are solved, the switch doors by the exit can be held open.

West room[edit]

Collect the 4 blue keys. Push 2 free LD blocks on the slide. Use a key to push the ULDR block. Push the 2 remaining free LD blocks and all 4 free UL blocks. Use the three remaining blue keys to unlock 3 additional UL blocks at the bottom and push. Push the L block.

North room[edit]

Collect the 4 red keys. Push 1 ULD block, press the pink button twice. Repeat the same step: push 1 ULD block, press the pink button twice. Switch to the left side and push 1 UDR block, press the pink button twice. Finally return to the right side, push 1 ULD block, push the pink button twice.

East room[edit]

Collect the 4 yellow keys. Push 1 DR block then 1 UDR block. From left to right, label the 3 pink buttons connected to the train tracks 1, 2, and 3. Call the pink button connected to the clone machine 0. Press button 1, then 0. Push 1 UR block. Press buttons 0, then 2, then 0, then 0. Push 1 LR block. Push button 0, 0, 3, 0, 0.

Full level map[edit]

Cc2lp1 full map level 184.png

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