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Andrew Menzies

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Andrew Menzies, also known by his alias ajmiam, is a Chipster notable for having the most levels in CCLP1 of any designer.

He released his first level set The Pit of 100 Tiles in February 2012, and is among the most acclaimed of debut level sets. In May 2013, he released the demo of his sequel set The Other 100 Tiles, which contained 13 levels. These two sets were submitted for CCLP1 consideration, and 31 of the levels between them were voted into the final set. The full version of The Other 100 Tiles was released on 1 May 2013. He also ported The Other 100 Tiles to Chip's Challenge 2 in June 2015.

While Andrew has not submitted his total score for any official level pack, he does optimize casually, having the bold on at least 55 CCLP1 levels, including 3 confirms, meeting his goal of 50 CCLP1 bolds.

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