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Andrew Menzies

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Andrew Menzies, also known by his alias ajmiam, is a Chipster notable for having the most levels in CCLP1 of any designer.

He released his first level set Pit of 100 Tiles in February 2012, and is among the most acclaimed of debut level sets. In 2013, he released the demo of his sequel set The Other 100 Tiles, which contained 13 levels. These two sets were submitted for CCLP1 consideration, and 31 of the levels between them were voted into the final set. The full version of The Other 100 Tiles was released on May 1, 2013.

In April 2019, he released a pack of 40 levels for Chip's Challenge 2 titled Chipit or Whiffit in the tradition of level sets named after the Paper Mario series. He also ported The Other 100 Tiles to CC2 in June 2015, and in May 2019 he released a demo of another CC2 project titled 100 Tiles 2.0 - Best of the Rest, which featured all the best levels from both of his 100 Tiles sets redesigned using custom tiles and other aesthetic reskins for consideration in the upcoming CC2LP1.

While Andrew has not submitted his total score for any official level pack, he does optimize casually, having the bold time on more than 50 CCLP1 levels, including 3 confirms. He also has 15 bolds in CCLP4, as well as Recess and Marooned in CCLP3.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
12 Leave No Stone Unturned
13 The Monster Cages
18 Square Dancing
22 Repair the Maze
24 Chip's Checkers
29 Sky High or Deep Down
32 Nitroglycerin
39 Dig and Dig
41 Descending Ceiling
49 49 Cell
56 Connect the Chips
58 Corral
64 Chip Kart 64
71 Tree
73 Occupied
78 Secret Passages
84 Mining for Gold Keys
87 Pluto
92 The Shifting Maze
97 Gate Keeper
98 Rat Race
104 Hotel Chip
107 Paramecium Palace
123 The Very Hungry Caterpillar
124 Utter Clutter
128 Elemental Park
131 Easier Than It Looks
134 (Ir)reversible
135 Culprit
140 Automatic (Caution) Doors
145 Chance Time!


# Name
9 Pinball
13 Encased in Carbonite
15 Cross Back
22 Bodyguards
25 Difficulty Switch
33 Tool Shed
40 Periodic Lasers
44 Blobfield
62 Block Unpuzzle
63 Pneumatic Diversity Vents
64 Excuse Me
80 Monster Swapper
87 And the Walls Kept Tumbling Down
100 One Tank's Adventure
107 Combinations
108 Scatterbrained
110 Keyrithmetic
122 Jigsee
131 Jigsaw
133 Monochrome
140 Repair the Automatic (Caution) Doors

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