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Ranger Denmark

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Ranger Denmark is the 20th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Named for the home country of Anne Olsen, who made this level, Ranger Denmark contains a large collection of monsters inside a blue wall square, some of which will be killed in the fire before Chip enters it.

Fortunately, the level is very easy when you figure out where to enter the square. For the absolute fastest route through, move 3U from the fire boots and bust 2L through.

Bold strategies[edit]

Chip has a total of [2] spare, which may be necessary because the blobs will kick the other monsters around. There are many strategies possible using these extra moves: either pick up the chip with U ([-2]), take the ice skates ([-2]), or wait [1] or [2] directly. In addition, there are many different paths to the chip that avoid the ice skates; these tend to be most effective against the blobs and fireballs.


  • This level is based on Lesson 8 from Chip's Challenge 1. The CCLP2 committee did not want to put any levels in CCLP2 that were based on CC1 levels, but Ranger Denmark made it through anyway. It is the only CCLP2 level that accidentally slipped through this sieve.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 20.png


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