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Socialist Action

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Socialist Action is the 82nd level in Chip's Challenge 1. This is the first of the levels accessible from Cypher, and it is a level with a secret to solving it. Even step will make the route easier to use.

The route through the bugs is R 7U R 10U 13L D 11L 3D L; at this point, Chip is above a bunch of gravel. From the 10U run up, Chip is able to see a teeth and a bug guarding the exit. This is inaccessible until they are gone; Chip cannot use the wedge to invade, since that leaves the exit under a block. The immediate thought is to go to the far south of the level and wait for both of them to come out, and then run to the exit. Instead, since there is a passageway back into the center in the southeast corner, Chip can carefully time the bug and teeth to come out at practically the same time, such that when he has outwitted the teeth, the bug will be gone.

The remainder of the route is: 13D [1] (this wait can be a test for even or odd step; if the teeth doesn't move during the wait, it's initialized properly) 12U 4R [2] 16D 21R. At this point, the teeth is right next to you; to outwit him, run (3U [2U, 2L]). The bug stream gets behind Chip, but the exit is at the end of this corridor.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 82.png


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