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Cypher is the 34th level in Chip's Challenge 1. According to one of Melinda's special dispatches, there is a secret of some kind:

Dear Chip, In some ways this will be the most important level for you. So, cypher, Chip, cypher! Secretly, Melinda.

This is not in the actual game, rather in the CHIPS.HLP file, so finding this takes some attention. However, the title Cypher and some letters spelled out by floor tiles may clue the player into the secret.

The floor spaces spell LLIO, HPPX and JHEN, which are the passwords to Socialist Action, Goldkey, and Cake Walk, respectively. However, things are a bit difficult because there is no adjacent level to use clock setting or set odd and even step to. The use of Ignore Passwords would be encouraged.

Cypher itself is very easy, which may be an additional hint that something is more than meets the eye. Just follow the path and watch the lower area: it's tougher to find the chips before having moved in the wrong direction. Perfection all the way out means that at the end of the level, there is enough room to sneak past the bug on the left side safely.


Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 34.png


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