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The Marsh

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The Marsh is the 117th level in Chip's Challenge 1. The level consists of a gaggle of blocks interwoven with water spaces, which in general move to the center, then left, down, and roughly all the way right to the exit in the opposite corner. Economy of blocks and smart thinking are required; fortunately, fast moving is not required due to the lack of a time limit or any monsters. The only death sufferable is drowning or burning.

Begin with the moves 2:[2D 4R] 3D 3R 2D 2R 3D 7L 2D 4L 7D, which take Chip to two bridges of blocks. Feed the upper bridge with two blocks on this island, then continue 4R D 2R D (D 2R U 10R) to clear out a pathway for the loose blocks remaining on this island. Three blocks will be necessary to fill in the spaces in the far southeast area, which contains the exit.

The first spare simply shoves all the way to the right; the other two will only be needed at the very end, as a large chain of blocks can now be pushed. Clear out this island with 2L 2U 2R 4D 2U 4L 4U 4R 5D, then push this block 2R further and run back west to the corner of 3 blocks in the northeast.

Block 1 will fill in the water, block 2 moves D 14R, the last block in the southeast section moves 3R 5D 4R, and then block 3 moves to that same location, which will then move south with the assistance of block 2 to reach the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 117.png


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