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Three Doors

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Three Doors is the 46th level in Chip's Challenge 1. The additions to boosting in the changes from Lynx to MS cause Three Doors to be busted: the chips are not required thanks to an ice stretch on the top of the level placed in front of a force floor.

Take the red key, step D, and take only the first four items before Chip returns to the start and now move D off this. Open the blue and then green locks, and then go into the monster arena through the toggle wall. In the northwest is the path over the force floor, and in this area, take the left side up to the exit. This solution is not guaranteed due to randomness - [1] can be lost.

The intended solution (and the only solution possible in Lynx) involves collecting all the items and keys at the start, and entering the red lock and fire (the pink ball will not kill Chip in MS due to boosting, and will not kill Chip in Lynx as it can only leave the trap when the brown button is held down). Collect the chips and yellow key, and return to the start. Now go down the third ice slide to the "three doors" area, and go through the blue and yellow locks only, collecting the chips, suction boots and keys (do not press the green button). Return to the start, go through all 4 locks, continue west through the teleport, and take the leftmost recessed wall to exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 46.png


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