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Hello. G'day. How do you do? Ni hao! Xin chao! Guten Tag! Sawadee! Ohaiyo! ¡Hola! [English is not required to read this page.]


You may know me better as Andrew Bennett. Some basic data...20, single, Catholic. If you want to talk to me more, I'm reachable at YouTube. But I will attempt to hold your attention on this page regardless...

I live in Houston, Texas. As a result of being fortunate enough to live in this diverse city, I speak fluent English, considerable Spanish, and some Chinese; I've been able to eat in all of Mexican, Cuban, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Indian, Pakistani, Turkish, Iranian, Peruvian, Greek, Brazilian, Venezuelan, Filipino, Japanese, Nicaraguan, Salvadoran, Thai, Italian, and of course American restaurants. Okay, now you're sucked in...

I am very privileged to be a 2nd degree Black Belt student at the best studio of the best martial art in existence - Kuk Sool Won. Check for a studio around where you might be surprised.

Music is very important in my life. I typically enjoy metal and progressive music, but the two genres are so diverse within themselves that I scarcely need anything else. Television that I watch tends to be in the cartoon, comedy or game show genres.

Current projects[edit]

  • The StrategyWiki [1] entry on Chip's Challenge, written entirely by me.
  • The (un)official YouTube Executive Chipster Radar - I search for new CC videos and/or comments made on them to bring more people into CC.
  • I re-record many CC1 AVIs over the old-tech SnagIt versions and clean up errors in their routes to make them as easy as possible to use. The ChipWiki channel is run almost entirely by me, and it is a prime example of my teaching style: make everything from the easiest to the hardest jobs easier.

Chip's Challenge[edit]

I found CC on a school computer when I was only 5 years old. I've been impressed with how much the game has taught me: efficiency, counting, critical thinking, and interacting with people when talking about the game...CC is a true educational tool for the ages.

I made [ the eponymous andrewb1.] Get your level editor quick because this is one of the hardest sets in existence. See my personal page for more information on the set...


Chip's Challenge 1: 5,977,500, currently in third place after the recent struggle for first. Down -1 against the Melinda score on Block N Roll, -2 on Blobnet and -1 on the recent Teleblock record.

Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2: 6,050,650, second place. Down against Melinda -1 for Mads' Rush II and Keep Trying, and the 22 seconds that are missing: -2 on Checkerboard I, -12 on Checkerboard II and -8 on Cloner's Maze. This keeps getting harder!

On this Wiki[edit]

3,616 edits...anyone want to beat that? I find that I do nearly everything here now...