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Vortex is the 92nd level in Chip's Challenge 1. A blue wall maze throughout much of the level leads to the "vortex" in the center; the toughest part is maneuvering through the maze and breaking through the barrier at the northeast.

Play through the maze as shown, then turn right to the bouncing walker. Chip needs to release this in order to make it out from the fireball room; to get around the walker, he must release the walker out of the straight vertical pathway. Move [1] R 2L 5U 2R 5U to take the key; the first conditional is that the walker must turn west at the bottom. Otherwise, the interaction between fireball and walker leaves no safe space for Chip.

Assuming this is safe, Chip can use a total of [7] spare to get around the walker. In the situation when the walker turns (2L) U from the southeast corner, Chip can take the pathway around the west. When on either path downwards, if the walker interferes in the corner, Chip can wait around or even U from the corner in desperation. Since this takes a very short time, requiring about three to four attempts at maximum that each take about 20 seconds, Vortex is a deceptively easy bold to score, as the only other likely ways to lose it are to be faced directly down while heading south or to be continuously held up by (2L) or (2R) moves on the south edge.

Return to the path under the exit (the green key is useless), then enter the vortex, take the chips when you run into them, and slide >UDU across the teleport; the first >U move, sliding directly across, is quicker than walking to the north side. With the fifth chip collected as a result of the >D move, enter the smallest fireball ring, then run east, south, and left into the far outer ring, and run around to to take the last chip and exit the level.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 92.png


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