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Beat the Heat

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Beat the Heat is the 127th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3, and has puzzles similar to those of Firetrap in CC1. It was created by J.B. Lewis.

428 route: Move the block R U and step on the trap. Upon being released by the fireball, push the block onto the green button, and collect 3 chips and a yellow key. Open the yellow door, push the block U, push the green button again allowing the fireball to flip the green button, which will allow the blue key and chips to be collected. Push the block D onto the button again, open the blue door, duck past the fireball, push the block U and press the green button again. Wait for the fireball to pass, then push the block U. The fireball will return to the block – immediately after it hits the block, move the block 4U R so that the bomb is exploded allowing the green key to be collected. Collect the remaining chip in this area, and use the block to explode the bomb leading to a blue button. This will release a fireball that will repeatedly activate 8 fireball cloners in turn below. Go through the fire maze to collect the red keys to the right. No waiting is needed if the keys are collected in the following order: (18,17), (18,13), (22,12), (30,11), (30,20), (29,13), (26,15). Slide down the ice and place blocks at (19,28) and (24,25). Use the other 2 blocks to explode the bombs allowing a fireball to be cloned, which will explode the bomb guarding the chip. Slide across the ice into the next area. Collect 1 chip and enter the next room. Press the green button and open the green door (the fireball will enter the trap and be released shortly afterwards). Immediately press the green button, so that the fireball is deflected into the leftmost trap, and press the green button again. Go into the room to the left, push the block R (so that the fireball is released – the 2 chips to the left can be collected in the process) and then 2L (so that the fireball will be released from the rightmost trap). Press the green button, move the block R and collect the chips. The fireball should have exploded the bomb allowing the left half of the fire maze to be accessed. Collect the keys here (waiting will be needed), and follow the trail of fireballs to reach the bugs. Steal the chips off them, go back to the socket, through the teleport and red doors to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 127.png


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