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In the Slime

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In the Slime is the 156th level in Chip's Challenge 2. In the Slime is a bit of an oddity, because it is the only level in CC2 made by more than one designer; Chuck Sommerville and Bill Darrah. Levels by multiple designers did exist in the CC2 Rejects, but In the Slime is the only one which appears in the main game. The role played by both designers in the level's creation is unknown; the only clue the designer comments section provides is the word "varient".

In the Slime, as its name suggests, is almost entirely covered with green slime, and three dirt blocks are to be used to make enough space to reach the nine computer chips and the exit. Achieving this is a deceptively difficult challenge, but the solution is easy when you know how.

The first step is to move the leftmost block directly south to five squares from where it starts; then move the second block down three squares; and finally move the last block down four times. The chip to the right of the middle block provides the required space to shove it three squares left. Go around and move the same block once down, then once left, and then twice down to access more of the chips and retrieve the block from earlier. Move this block once up, thrice right, and twice down. Thanks to the positioning of the third block, the player can now move right and down to move the block three tiles left and access the last computer chip. Pick up any chips that have not yet been collected, then move the block back to the east as far as possible. Now standing under another block, hold north to pack it into the water and head for the exit.

Full level map[edit]

CC2 Level 156.png


  • In the Slime was re-used as level 24 of the Dobos pack in the 2013 spiritual successor to CC, Chuck's Challenge 3D.
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