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Chuck's Challenge 3D

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Chuck's Challenge 3D, often abbreviated to CC3D, is a game developed by Niffler Ltd. released on 28 February 2014.[1] It was intended to be a spiritual successor to Chip's Challenge, as Chip's Challenge 2 was unable to be released for copyright reasons at the time. The game originated on mobile platforms as simply Chuck's Challenge, but it was later approved through Steam Greenlight and funded through a Kickstarter campaign.[2] Chuck Sommerville was involved in the project by holding an advisory role and designing most of the levels.[citation needed]

Chuck's Challenge is generally not documented here, due to it appealing to a different audience than classic Chip's Challenge. Information about it can be found at the Chuck's Challenge Wiki.


In the mobile version of Chuck's Challenge, the first level pack (Asida) was free with the game, but the second, third and fourth level packs (Bebinca, Clottie, Dobos) were included as DLC. In the PC version, all four of these packs were included automatically, along with a fifth level pack (Eclair). A sixth level pack (Flummery) would be added in a later update.


# Name Notes
A1 A to B Introduces Woop, walls, fake walls, hints and the exit
A2 F.I.S.H.ING Introduces colored blocks, F.I.S.H, and F.I.S.H gates
A3 DoOrbs Introduces keys, locks, magnet orbs, and conveyor belts
A4 Hot & Cold Introduces fire and fire orbs, water and water orbs, and ice and nail orbs
A5 Blocky Party Introduces ice blocks
A6 Hello Nibbles Introduces Nibbles
A7 Slip and Slide
A8 Bridgette Introduces bridges and colored round buttons
A9 Yes Master Introduces blue Golems and yellow Golems
A10 Switcharoo
A11 Under Pressure Introduces colored square buttons
A12 Labyrinth Introduces appearing walls
A13 Omni Job Introduces gravel and Omnis
A14 Space Invader Introduces blue teleports and thin walls
A15 Dizzy Introduces Limpa and Limpy
A16 Building Bridges Introduces bombs
A17 Snappy Unhappy Introduces Snappy
A18 Toxic Waste Introduces slime
A19 Bounced Introduces Bouncer
A20 Clutter
A21 Mind the Gap
A22 Teleport Trouble Introduces red teleports
A23 Treasure Hunt
A24 Unhappier Snappy
A25 Elegant Introduces Blinky


# Name Notes
B1 Not Enough
B2 Roundabout Introduces Screamer and random force floors
B3 In a Corner
B4 Watch Your Step
B5 Musical Chairs
B6 One Way Only
B7 Careful
B8 Switchtastic
B9 Commute
B10 No Swimming
B11 Golem Go Boom
B12 Clone Introduces clone machines. Port of Ice Threat from CC2
B13 Lined Up
B14 Up & Down
B15 Simples
B16 Release Me
B17 Swap
B18 More Treasure
B19 Run Away Introduces speed orbs
B20 Ice Link
B21 Search & Destroy
B22 Puzzle Isle
B23 Bouncy Bouncy
B24 Lemmings
B25 Junction


# Name Notes
C1 Clockwise
C2 Warmup
C3 Hello Blinky
C4 Booby Trap Similar to Pearl Diving from CCLP3
C5 Death Slide
C6 Stuck in the Mud Introduces mud
C7 Connect 5
C8 Follow Me
C9 Here Boy
C10 Odd & Even Similar to the start of Oh-Ho! from CCLP3
C11 Cross
C12 Golem March Port of Tank Blocker from CC2
C13 Pretty
C14 Reveal
C15 Recycle
C16 Through the Ice
C17 Just In Time
C18 Incoming
C19 Prisoner
C20 In & Out Similar to east section of Beachballs from CCLP3
C21 Gently
C22 Bingo Similar to middle section of Mixed Nuts from CC1
C23 Round & Round Similar to Suction Ride from CCLP2
C24 Dodgeball Similar to Dodgeball from CC2
C25 In a Pickle


# Name Notes
D1 Warming Up
D2 Left & Right Similar to start section of Paranoia from CC1
D3 Shuffle
D4 Scaredy Cat
D5 Gears Port of Gears from CC2
D6 Diamond
D7 Come Get Me
D8 Traffic Light
D9 Link
D10 Dodgem Golems
D11 Boiling Point
D12 Run Rabbit
D13 Gloem Dance Similar to start section of Clear the Way from CCLP3
D14 Let Me Out
D15 Freeway
D16 Cubed
D17 Skills
D18 Blocks vs Bombs Similar to Warehouse I from CCLP2
D19 Ice Skating
D20 Block Fortress Similar to Key Color from CCLP2
D21 Round Them Up
D22 Ninja Thief Similar to Security Breach from CCLP2
D23 Air Raid Similar to Kablam from CC1
D24 In the Slime Port of In the Slime from CC2
D25 First Flat


# Name Notes
E1 Islands
E2 4x4 Introduces rotating green squishy
E3 Smiley
E4 Spit Introduces spitter
E5 Hanoi
E6 Spitting Introduces reflector
E7 Boats
E8 Infinity Introduces four-way yellow squishy
E9 Boom
E10 Invader Introduces static blue squishy
E11 Zig Zag
E12 Bowtie
E13 Two by Two
E14 Run
E15 ZX Spectrum
E16 Wall Hug
E17 Swap
E18 Timing
E19 Help Me 3
E20 Little Fish
E21 Plank
E22 Weave
E23 Hello
E24 Candy Wrapper
E25 CS


# Name Notes
F1 Whorls Wars Introduces rotating red squishy
F2 I Fly Again Similar to Oversea Delivery from CC1
F3 Spiral
F4 Excuse Me
F5 Tight Border
F6 Swirl Similar to the start of Corridor from CC1
F7 Central Control
F8 Pretzel Pier Similar to Sea Turtles from CC2
F9 Wing Port of Wing and a Prayer from CC2
F10 Companion
F11 Breaking In Port of Breaking In from CC2
F12 Three Ways Similar to Trinity from CC1
F13 Important Decision
F14 Port v Starboard
F15 Warren Run
F16 Chippin' Away
F17 Firing Port of Firing Range from CC2
F18 Tricked Ya Port of Tricked Ya! from CC2
F19 Go!
F20 Blockage
F21 Seeing Double
F22 Caverns Port of Caverns from CC2
F23 Rows Port of bottom section of Ice Castle from CC2
F24 Ort Gold Ego Sequel to Oorto Geld from CC1
F25 Stock Options

Ben 10 Game Generator[edit]

In 2016, a re-themed version of Chuck's Challenge 3D, known as Ben 10 Game Generator, based on Cartoon Network's Ben 10 franchise, was released as a tie in to the reboot of the franchise.[3] It featured the same gameplay as Chuck's Challenge 3D, but with different graphics, the player controlling Ben 10's main character, Ben Tennyson. The game has since been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase.