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Item Unlocker

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Item Unlocker is the 56th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Tom Patten, and is one of the easier wide itemswappers to optimize in CCLP3.

Walk straight north to the green and blue buttons, then slide and wait [2] to allow the tank to stop sliding before switching it again. The block will bring Chip back to the start, now with the toggle walls switched; slide >U into the teleport and take the red key, then walk straight back to trade it for flippers and then head back over where the bomb was to swim to another section. Take the red and yellow keys by using the four blocks, then use them along the top corridor and follow the block through the water to a thief and a pair of flippers, usable only to collect a green key before they too are stolen. Use this key to take the fire boots, then return to the force floor zigzag and push the block D 3L, avoiding the fireballs, to access the next section.

Hold down the trap and access the yellow key, then trade it for suction boots to be used to walk into the pink ball clone machine room. Follow through the bombs to the thin wall maze and the ice skates, then slide over row 31 to the four boots. Take everything but the suction boots and slide around the southwest edge of this room, then release the brown button and, since the boots will be stolen anyway, touch the thief on the way back to the start to gain more than [2]. With the toggle walls remotely switched, the ice skates are reachable and Chip can penetrate behind where the first red key was to another red key and flippers. Trade the red key for a blue key, then release the pink ball and collect another key; the ball explodes a bomb that brings Chip back to the item station, where the chip stands and the socket guards one last pair of flippers. With everything out of the way, swim to the exit area and go in.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 56.png


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