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Jumble III

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Jumble III is the 124th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Ida Roberthson.

494 route: Walk through the invisible wall maze, dodge the balls, collect the 25 chips, walk through the recessed walls (collecting the flippers), then collect the red key and chips from the glider room. In the next room, open the lower blue door, then the top yellow door, then the top red door. Push the block U 2L and hit the red button. With a bit of luck the walkers will explode both bombs before killing Chip. Alternatively, the block can be used to explode the second bomb. (For a more safe solution to this room, place the block directly below the red button, press the button once, then push the block on to the red button. Make sure the first walker is not in front of the clone machine when the block is pushed, or no second walker will be cloned. Step onto the gravel and wait for the walkers to explode the bombs.)

Collect the chips, dodge the teeth, and collect the yellow key from the force floors. Open the third yellow door from the right and collect the first 2 chips (going up). Now use the blocks to explode the bombs in the next room to reach the gravel room and the chip (7 blocks are needed). 2 of the block will have to be turned round by the yellow doors – the remaining chips in here will be collected in the process of doing this. Collect the 4 chips from the bugs and blobs, then go through the next few rooms until the ice room is reached. After getting the skates, collect the yellow key (the red key can be collected but Chip will then be trapped). In the next room, lure the teeth onto the ice (via the force floor), then go through the next room (going round the centre wall anticlockwise), collect a set of fire boots, collect the chips from the fire, then collect the final 2 chips from the blobs. Collect all 4 keys then go up column 2 (Chip still has the yellow key from earlier), then push the block to 2R from the exit and step into the trap before the fireball reaches the button. When the fireball hits the button, Chip can exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 124.png


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