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Lesson 1 (CC2 level)

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Not to be confused with Lesson 1.

Lesson 1 is the first level in Chip's Challenge 2, and the first of the lesson levels. It was created by Chuck Sommerville.

Full level map[edit]

Cc2 full map level 1.png


  • Pick up the blue key by walking over it.
  • Notice the blue key in the box below. It means you have a blue key.
  • Use the blue key to open this door by walking into it.
  • Notice the blue key is now gone. You used it opening the blue door.
  • Use the red key to open the red door.
  • Use the yellow key on the yellow door.
  • Use the green key on the green door.
  • Notice you still have a green key.
  • Use the blue key on the other door.
  • Don't open this blue door! If you do, you will be stuck and have to press F1 to restart.
  • Now you've done it. You're stuck. You don't have a blue key to go on. Press F1 to restart.
  • When you walk on dirt, it turns to floor.
  • When you have more than one of the same key, you can see the count go up to 9.
  • Step out onto the ice and take a slide.
  • Now pick up the ice cleats and walk on the ice to the next clue.
  • Notice that there are ice cleats in the box below. This means you have the ice cleats.
  • Grab a handful of bonus flags for your hard work so far.
  • You can't carry a tool of this type across this sign.
  • The red thief takes all tools from the bottom right box. He also takes half your bonus points.
  • The blue thief takes all keys from the bottom left box. He also takes half your bonus points.
  • You can't carry a key of this color across this sign.
  • Pick up all of these chips.
  • As you pick the chips, watch 'chips left' counter below count down.
  • When the 'chips left' counter reaches zero, you can pass the chip socket.
  • Green 'force floors' are like one-way moving sidewalks.
  • These green 'magnet shoes' will let you walk on force floors without getting carried away.
  • If you are on a force floor, you can step off sideways.
  • You can stand still, sort of, by walking against the force floor.
  • 'Swivel doors' turn as you walk through them. They will only turn if you push on them as you leave the square.
  • Work your way through this maze to the exit by the red arrow.
  • Be careful here! The water can drown you if you aren't prepared.
  • If you do die, press F1 to restart the level.
  • Use these "flippers" to safely cross the water.
  • Be careful here! Walking into the fire can burn you if you are not prepared.
  • These "fire boots" will let you walk on fire safely.
  • 'Floating turtles' sink when you step off of them. You can only step on them once.
  • 'Pop up walls' spring up from the floor when you step off of them. You can only step on them once.
  • Push this dirt block into the water to make a dirt bridge.
  • You can't push a dirt block over dirt. Clear out the dirt in front of this block before you build the bridge.
  • Push both of these blocks into the water to make a bridge that is two squares long.
  • You can only push one dirt block at a time.
  • After you push the dirt into the water, remember to step on the dirt so you can push the second block over it.
  • Be careful here! Walking into these bombs will blow you up!
  • Push this dirt block into a bomb to clear the path to the exit. The exit is the blue square!
  • Congratulations! You made it to the exit! Pick up the x2 flag to double your bonus before you leave.
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