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Letter tile

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Letter tiles are a decorative tile introduced in Chip's Challenge 2. They appear similar to floor and are acting floor, but have a sunken appearance and display letters and other characters on them. Wire cannot run through them, ice blocks will not melt on them, and yellow teleports cannot be dropped on them.

Letter tiles.png


Letter tiles can represent any ASCII character in the range of 0x20 to 0x59. The letter tile for space is often called a sunken floor tile. After the underscore, CC2 also provides four arrows in the order shown above, which are not part of the ASCII character set.

In the official CC2 level editor, when the letter tile is selected, the designer can press , and . on their keyboard to "rotate" left and right through the tiles in ASCII order, respectively, or press a letter or number to quickly select the tile with that character on it.