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The teleport is a class of tile in Chip's Challenge that sends movable objects to another part of the level. When an object enters a teleport, it will exit out the next teleport of the same color on the same network if one is available. Each color teleport behaves differently when Chip, Melinda, a monster or another object passes through it, as described below.

Blue teleport[edit]

The blue teleport, also commonly referred to as simply teleport due to being the only teleport tile in Chip's Challenge 1, is a teleport tile that sends movable objects to another part of the level. When an object enters a blue teleport, it will exit out the next teleport in reverse wrappable reading order - right to left within any row, then moving on to the right of the next row to the north, and so on - in the opposite direction, assuming this is a legal move and the Teleport Skip Glitch has not been activated. In one of these cases, the game will continue to search for the next teleport which allows this move. Should the search reach the northwest corner, it will start over from the southeast corner.

In MSCC, if operating in B&W mode, the teleport appears as a white circle with a cross shaped arrow to let the player know they can enter the teleport in any direction.

Should the search reach the original teleport, it will act as a non-directional ice tile - the object will slide across it if that move is legal, or bounce back if it is not. However, a monster in the latter case will stick on the teleport and the teleport will cease to function. For a demonstration of this, go to Drawn and Quartered, teleport directly up to the north-east room from the start, and release the fireballs into the teleport.

As a teleport slide is involuntary, Chip can boost on his very next move.

Teleports beginning on the lower layer of the grid will refuse to function, and work as ice tiles just as if it redirected to itself.

In Chip's Challenge 2, blue teleports can be hooked up to wire. Wired blue teleports can only exit to other teleports on the same wire as them. If a blue teleport receives a current from any side, it will relay that current to all four sides of itself.

Red teleport[edit]

The red teleport is a teleport introduced in Chip's Challenge 2 which, like a blue teleport, can send movable objects to other red teleports in the level. It differs from a blue teleport in that it sends entities to the next teleport in normal reading order.

Entities can exit the next red teleport in any unblocked direction. An entity will exit the next teleport from the opposite direction they entered, like with blue teleports, but if that direction is blocked, it will search clockwise for the next open direction. This means that partial posting cannot be achieved with a red teleport unless all four sides are blocked. Chip and Melinda can override the direction they leave a red teleport by holding any direction before they exit, which is required in the level Thinktank.

Red teleports can be attached to wire and will be disabled if the wire is not active.

Green teleport[edit]

The green teleport is a teleport introduced in Chip's Challenge 2. It sends movable objects to another green teleport chosen pseudorandomly in a direction chosen pseudorandomly.

If the exit teleport's chosen exit direction is blocked, it will try another direction. If the exit teleport is completely blocked (destination has an object on it or is blocked on all sides), the attempt to teleport immediately fails without searching for another exit teleport, and whatever was trying to enter the green teleport instead slides past it.

Yellow teleport[edit]

The yellow teleport is a teleport introduced in Chip's Challenge 2. They will attempt send movable objects to another yellow teleport in reverse reading order if the exit direction is not blocked, similar to a blue teleport. Unlike blue teleports, if the exit directions for all yellow teleports are blocked, the movable object will put the yellow teleport in their inventory. In the case of Chip, Melinda, ghosts, and rovers, this means that yellow teleports later can be dropped elsewhere.

Yellow teleports are technically not items but are instead treated as terrain, thus they can only be dropped on floor. However, they cannot be dropped on a tile containing a no sign and an item, and if one is dropped on a no sign it will no longer be collectible.

Yellow teleports can be overridden in the same way as red teleports.

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