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Miika Toukola

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Miika Toukola is a prominent member of the Chip's Challenge community. He is known for being a top scorer in all the official level sets in both MS and Lynx, for his level set funfair0, for heading the CCLXP2 project, and for frequently holding competitions on CC Zone. He also hopes to be known for solving some of the most difficult levels ever, and for sometimes dragging out projects for a long time.

Level Sets[edit]

Miika's own levels are collected in two main sets:

  • kidsfair is a set of 50 levels made at least in part for beginners.
  • funfair0 has some levels that are based on puzzles outside of CC. It also has a bonus section that collects most of his other levels made for various CC Zone competitions.

He has also been responsible for uploading a couple of the sets the community has made together:

  • CCLXP2 is the Lynx version of CCLP2.
  • CCZoneTT contains levels that were used for CC Zone Time Trials.

He has compiled several of the CC Zone Competition levels into their own files. Many of these are included in The CC Zone Goodie Bag. Some of the compiled sets are:

  • CCZoneSurvival collects the levels that have been used for Survival Competitions.
  • minicomp collects the levels that have been used for Mini Time Trials.
  • theFiveRooms was made from entries to the April 2017 Create Competition, mixing rooms by different authors.
  • miniCCLP3 is essentially a collection of entries to a create competition, but not named to formula due to being based on levels from CCLP3.

Miika has several sets in the pipeline that he hopes to some day release. These include sequels (funfairX, barnfair) among others (a rejects set, an ice block project, some CC2 levels).

Levels in official packs[edit]




MS 5,975,760 (28) 6,004,120 (5) 6,044,800 (15) 6,086,190 (3) 457,780 (21)
Lynx 5,892,980 (5) 5,998,690 (4) 6,021,390 (3) 6,073,860 (2) 5,978,280 (8)


In 2013, the following was written on Miika's profile on a Chip's Challenge site:

  • My name is Miika. I'm from Finland. I have a wife and two kids.
  • I like math. I can juggle. I have a bunch of comics. I go to church.
  • I was introduced to CC in the 90's but started playing more some years ago.
  • I like many aspects of CC, like casual playing, optimizing, making levels, and even interacting with others.
  • My current scores on CC1, CCLP2, and CCLP3 rank me as 32nd, 18th, and 6th, but I plan on improving those to at least 19th, 9th, and 4th, respectively. I hope to have 300+ bolds.
  • I also play quite a bit in Lynx. I enjoy comparing routes between MS and Lynx.
  • Am eager to see what CCLP1 will be like, but I might not be so involved in the competitive side there.
  • I want to have more time to make more levels eventually.
  • I plan on playing CC for years and years to come. :-)
  • I have started a CC1 Lynx bolds walkthrough with commentary on YouTube.