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Neptune is the 148th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. It is the only level that Luc Longpré ever designed and is the fourth of five secret levels of CCLP2. This planetary challenge requires Chip to redirect the fireballs through a path created through the "planet" in the center, or otherwise around it, and then south to a wide foyer with a blue button and green button in it, in order to switch the buttons for Chip. However, the fireballs can often get unmanageable, although Chip can certainly stop the cloning despite giving up some time to do so.

Start 6D 9R to enter Neptune, and now take 15 of the chips: D 2R 2D 2L 3U, then (2L) to addle some of the fireballs into helping Chip, and DR 3D L 2D 4R 2L 2U R 2U 2R 3U DLU. Toss block 6 all the way up, then move 2L U 2R to send the fireballs through Neptune. Block 39 will be caught on the way down; move it 8D [2] 8L.

Above this, Chip has to use the gliders to remove the bombs on the side; to get at them, Chip has to collide the gliders together. Clone one glider, then move 2:R[1]L, which explodes the two bombs and then sends the other glider into the trap. When this passes, run all the way through the tanks to the red key, wait [2], and come back out and to the right, and use a similar pattern here: touch the red button, then move 5:L[1]R, which allows Chip to continue towards the end.

In front of tank 2, wait [1], and inside the toggle wall, wait [2] for this tank to switch and move on to the yellow key. Bust through the blue walls and locks, and exit the level.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 148.png


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