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pi^2 (written with the caret, not the exponent) is the second major custom level set by David Stolp and has a similar design to his first set, pi.dat. It contains 19 levels, significantly less than the 42 levels pi.dat had. Similarly to pi.dat containing a pi nugget in every level, the expression π² is written in each of the levels that don't already contain a pi nugget.

Notable levels[edit]

List of levels[edit]

  1. chaotic organization
  2. totally backwards
  3. grump jan swim
  4. wisdom teeth
  5. choices, choices
  6. the end of level 35
  7. lucky 7
  8. same game
  9. avalanche (busted version)
  10. avalanche (fixed version)
  11. under the microscope (pgchip)
  12. slavemaker (pgchip)
  13. crash and burn (pgchip)
  14. avalanche II (pgchip)
  15. modulo fourteen
  16. a moment like this
  17. for the impatient ones
  18. slither
  19. end of all time (pgchip)

External links[edit]

Download pi^2.dat