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Time Lapse

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Time Lapse is the 111th level in Chip's Challenge 1 When mapped out, Time Lapse looks like a horizontal hourglass, explaining the level's name. The level is untimed, so Chip can experiment with many of its mechanisms in the northern section of the level and even discover this artistic easter egg.

However, to complete it faster, in only 36 seconds, shove block 3 L and block 1 2D 2L, which allows the glider to explode one bomb for Chip. Before it gets there, move block 3 into the bombs, and then move blocks 4 and 1 in after the glider. Now, Chip can leave this area, then walk to the left and to the right, where the four chips are. The green buttons will not be required.

The exit can be reached from either side, but it is faster to play left and then right.


In the Lynx version, the nature of the bugs makes them toggle a green button about 49 seconds after the start of the level which closes the middle of the level, but in the MS version, this doesn't happen.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 111.png


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