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Totally Unfair

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Totally Unfair is the 131st level in Chip's Challenge 1. Aside from the removal of a glider and second teeth, Totally Unfair is identical to Totally Fair, except for one small thing: Chip can't walk into the teeth area, such that he must work blind - and in only 60 seconds.

Fortunately, Melinda's helpful hint in a special dispatch will greatly help Chip. While "sjum" in the level hint may not immediately be recognized as the password to Totally Fair, a special dispatch (which has not been seen since Glut) confirms a connection between Totally Unfair and Totally Fair:

Dear Chip, This level will seem more fair if you take the time to read the hint. This is a level that could become Totally Fair! In the meantime, Chip, it's important for you to know that when you get caught in those bear traps, it causes me pain, too! Commiseratingly Yours, Melinda

Even with this connection established, Totally Unfair remains extremely hard and will still be worthy of a 5-star difficulty rating. Since Chip cannot enter the teeth room, to change it would make the level impossible, so it is obvious that it must be the same as before. A subtle hint as to where to move vertically can be seen in the wall pieces between the chips and the teeth room:


The route this time through is 6L to take three chips and set the teeth moving, and then 5U 18R 16U RUR [4 wait] 8D R [8 wait] 8U R [8] 6D [8] 5U [6] R. Chip is now free to take the chips, go back to the exit, and complete the level.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 131.png


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