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Zane Kuecks

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Zane's cat, Fuji

Zane Kuecks, also known as IceyLava108, is a chipster, optimizer, and level designer. He first played Chip's Challenge sometime in the mid 2000s on a Windows 98 computer; however, he was unaware of the larger community at the time. Eventually, in late 2011, he re-acquired a copy of Microsoft's Chip's Challenge and an editor to begin making his own levels, and from there found out about CC Zone after leaving a comment on a YouTube video. Since then, he has created eight main levelsets for Chip's Challenge 1 and is in the process of creating five levelsets for Chip's Challenge 2, one of which is complete.

In 2016 and 2017, Zane updated some of his CC1 levelsets with major changes to most or all of the levels. However, his four levels submitted and included into CCLP1 and CCLP4 are from the non-updated levelsets.

Though he prefers level design, Zane is a proficient optimizer in CC1 and CCLP1.

Official Levels[edit]




  • Created ZK1
  • Zane's favorite levelset is CC1.
  • Many of his level titles reference song titles, album titles, or fictional locations in video games.
  • Zane has uploaded his own solution for every CC1 and CCLP2 level to his YouTube channel.
  • One of Zane's favorite concepts is the use of force floor precision, as satirically referenced in this level.