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A Walk in the Park

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A Walk in the Park is the third level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 3. It was created by Tom Patten for the CCLP3 Level 1 contest, but like five other levels in the competition, it still entered into the set. Linear in structure, A Walk in the Park covers several basic aspects of Chip's Challenge and, despite not being selected for level 1, it was still placed early in CCLP3.

Stroll through the chips and past the fireball, then hold the north key over the force floors to quickly remove the next three chips, and step LU through the west force floors. Bridge across the water to seven chips, pick up the two keys and open the blue and red locks, and continue past the tank to a pair of chip columns. Sling down the east column and up the west, then push the block to reveal flippers, release the glider below into the bomb and, to reach the next block quickest, slide >RLR through the nearby teleport. Switch the toggle walls and take the eight chips in either order, then avoid the pink balls, hold down the trap above, and trade the fire boots in the next room for flippers that allow Chip to access another row of chips.

Collect the boots along the east edge of the level and use them to collect one more chip, then pass the thief onto the force floor roller coaster. Because stepping sideways off force floors is a move at 20 m/s, the next two moves from square [31, 29] will be slightly faster, and each such move saves [1/2]. Execute this technique all the way through the zigzag to the suction boots, then move 4R 2D 8R 2U 8R 2D 8R (2U) to collect some of the chips in a similar spiral method, and follow another spiral pattern on the way back to the southwest corner. The last chip and exit are to the north.


  • A Walk in the Park is the first level in alphabetical order in CCLP3.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp3 full map level 3.png


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