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Computer chip.png Flippers.png Suction boots.png Red key.png Green key.png Teeth S.png   Tank S.png Glider N.png Paramecium NS.png Chip S.png Bug N.png Fireball.png Pink ball.png Blob.png Yellow key.png Blue key.png Ice skates.png Fire boots.png Computer chip.png

a wiki devoted to the puzzle game Chip's Challenge that anyone can edit!
1,249 articles since October 15, 2008

Computer chip (CC2).png Flippers (CC2).png Suction boots (CC2).png Red key (CC2).png Green key (CC2).png TeethS Animated CC2.gif BlueTankS.gif GliderN.gif CentipedeS.gif ChipS CC2.png AntN.gif FireBox.gif PurpleBall.gif Blob (CC2).png Yellow key (CC2).png Blue key (CC2).png Ice skates (CC2).png Fire boots (CC2).png Computer chip (CC2).png

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