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Death message

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In Chip's Challenge, the death messages occur in whenever any living Chip tile, defined as the moving Chip, any other Chip tiles, and the Swimming Chip, is killed.


In Microsoft's version of Chip's Challenge, there are six messages, which note the cause of death. These messages can be edited using CCHack.

  • Ooops! Look out for creatures! - Chip was hit by a monster.
  • Ooops! Don't step in the fire without fire boots! - Chip stepped on fire without fire boots, except when finding the fire on the lower layer of the grid under a tile other than a block.
  • Ooops! Chip can't swim without flippers! - Chip stepped on water without flippers, except when finding the water on the lower layer of the grid under a tile other than a block.
  • Ooops! Don't touch the bombs! - Chip ran into a bomb, again unless he found it on the lower layer of the grid under a tile other than a block.
  • Ooops! Out of time! - Usually the rarest of the six, this results when the time limit expires.

In occurrences of the Transparency Glitch, a random death message may be shown as part of the result caused by the crash.

Chip's status is always kept by Chip's Challenge on coordinate [22, 32], which will allow the player to reset the status and avoid being killed by fatal obstacles.

Tile World[edit]

Tile World 2 has 11 different death messages. They are chosen randomly and depend only on whether the player ran out of time:

  • Messages that appear only when the player runs out of time:
    • "Well, that was an untimely demise."
    • "You do know there's a time limit on this level, right?"
    • "Look, we don't have all the time in the world!"
    • "Alert: The system has determined that you are either moving or thinking too slowly."
  • Messages that appear only when the player dies by means other than running out of time:
    • "Whoops... Let's try again."
    • "Why don't ya watch where you're going?"
    • "Getting killed can be injurious to Chip's health!"
    • "Uh-oh: Chip performed a fatal operation and was terminated."
    • "Hey, are you doing that on purpose?"
    • "Great, now look what you did!"
  • Messages that can appear regardless of cause of death:
    • "The idea here is to win the level, not lose it!"

As of Tile World 2.1, messages are stored in a separate, modifiable plaintext file called messages.txt, which is located in the res folder, allowing users to create their own death messages.

Chip's Challenge 2[edit]

Chip's Challenge 2, as well as the steam re-release of the original game, have two death messages, which cannot be edited:

  • OUT OF TIME (when the player runs out of time)
  • OOPS (all other deaths)


  • The death messages have entered into Chip's Challenge folklore as catchphrases, which have been known to recall memories of Chip's Challenge in even the most infrequent players. The most well-known ones are generally Look out for creatures and Chip can't swim without flippers.

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