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Delivery Ship

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Delivery Ship is the 7th level of ChipHomeIS.dat, a custom level set mostly made of insane levels by ChipHome5.

Knowledge of data resetting, a glitch exclusive to Microsoft's version of Chip's Challenge, is required in order to solve this level. As there is no reachable exit, the player must perform, towards the end of the level, a proper Y-coordinate data reset in the right position in order to generate a tile with index 21, the exit. This, when performed correctly, will generate an exit tile under the socket at (10, 0).

In particular, after pushing the button at (28, 26), the player must move as fast as possible to (30, 21) before the glider reaches the clone button at (26, 22) which is connected to (10, 32), i.e. resetting the Y-coordinate of Chip. If Chip is located at (29, 21) when the data reset happens, his Y-coordinate will be 21; thus, a tile with index 21 will generated in the lower layer of (10, 0). Afterwards, Chip's Y position will be reset to 0 and Chip will find himself at (29, 0), where the player can gather the yellow key and head towards the socket at (10, 0), which should hide an exit tile.


  • Delivery Ship is the first level ever to showcase what happens when Chip's X or Y position is reset while standing on a hint tile: his position will be reset, but the game won't record this as stepping off of the hint tile, thus displaying a perpetual hint message throughout all the level, hiding the inventory and the number of chips left.
  • Some years ago, the completion of Delivery Ship would yield an award on CC Zone; however, around 2017, CC Zone was forced to remove awards when updating to the latest version of Invisionzone.