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Elementary is the 15th level in Chip's Challenge 1. This level is indeed elementary, and can be used as a prime example to teach new players how to play Chip's Challenge. Chip must access the four areas of elements with the red and blue keys, take the three chips and key within each one, and then figure out the puzzle to the exit, which requires Chip to stop the brown button with the block. The hardest part of this level may be to not run out of time. One tip is window-shop the ice and fire sections from the water and force floor sections respectively.

Noticeably, Chip can use the thief to speed up his runs back from the force floors and ice, provided all the boots he is holding have been utilized in their respective sections. However, in the force floor section, the time used to reach the thief is longer than the time saved, so use this only in the ice section. Consider this method whenever you are skating or walking over stretches that Chip can slide through.

Special dispatch from Melinda[edit]

Dear Chip, This level reminds me of my elementary school days when I experienced the burning fires of passion to learn, the keys to wisdom, and the bombs and bear traps of my first social encounters. Just remember that blocks come through again in the end. Reminiscently, Melinda.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 15.png


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