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Flame Boy

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Flame Boy is the 121st level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. While this level would seem instructive in one way, and it is in Eric Schmidt's usual style - it is also a massively busted level which can teach an entirely different lesson about the power of the spring step.

Wait [1] at the start, as monsters do not move on the first turn, then turn north, collect the block, and shove it all the way out to coordinate [1, 1]. Now, applying the Headbanger Rule and the spring step, move [1/2] 2L U and Chip will exit. Normally, since Chip would be 1/5 of a second behind the block, Chip could not connect with it, but the use of the spring step moves one of the tenths into an immaterial location in time and allows Chip to steal off the force floor during the 1/10 second that is left.

As this is very easy to use, the No boost route is not necessary, although it is also shown for entertainment.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 121.png


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