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No boost route

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The no boost route for a level, often known as the "long route", is the slower, intended method of completing a busted level, intentional or unintentional, or a level with a secret solution such as Castle Moat, and the proviso that the route is played exactly the same as if the bust did not exist in the first place. When the fix brings up entirely new obstacles besides the one now created against the bust, such as a fix to Invincible Champion or Nightmare, there is no long route.


The original use of the term extended only to Traffic Cop and Scoundrel, which were levels which use "no boost" - none of the boosting expansions from Lynx to MS. Three Doors also qualifies under this old definition, but a longer route did not receive the attention of the other two. Since then, this term is used for all long routes, as "boost" is not used simply as a term for actual boosting, but also as a synonym for bust (the time gets a "boost" when a bust is used).


In CC1, there are 9 levels with recorded no boost routes, noted as follows:

  • Castle Moat: 434, achieved by filling in water coordinates [12, 19], [12, 20], [16, 15], [28, 12] and [28, 13] with the first five blocks.
  • Tossed Salad: 321, collecting all the chips.
  • Glut: 14, using the center exit.
  • Floorgasborg: 194, collecting the suction boots.
  • Monster Lab: 226, synchronizing the green buttons.
  • Three Doors: 204, taking the way through the socket.
  • Traffic Cop: 449, using two blocks to reach the green button.
  • Scoundrel: 233, playing as the level was normally intended.
  • Trust Me: 256. The key at [17, 11] is the one that ends up being taken, and there are also alternate types of routes which attempt to collect as many of the keys as is possible.

Mix Up has not recorded a no boost time as of yet.


In CCLP2, with the fewer busts, there are thus fewer such routes, and fewer of the ones which do exist have been analyzed. The known ones are as follows:

  • Maze of One Way: 194, collecting the chips.
  • Just Enough: 323, using the ice strip for all four blocks.
  • Flame Boy: 234; the block is used to deflect the fireball allowing Chip to safely collect the fire boots, then to move to the east side of the level.
  • Miscellaneous: 459, playing the level as normally done.
  • Trapped: 406, playing as normal, just like Trust Me.
  • Wormwood: 490, requiring the use of the block to entirely stop the fireballs cloning.

A Fleeting Memory has not recorded a no boost time, due to its length of play.