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Eric Schmidt

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Eric Schmidt is one of the most well-known level designers in the history of Chip's Challenge, making a name for himself with technically intensive compositions, often very long solving times, and many monster interactions. His first level set, EricS1, is a 165 level long concept set about the adventures of Chip throughout a variety of areas, trying to escape the teeth Hoola. His far more recent level set, EricS2, is much shorter with only 30 levels and does not have a storyline.

Eric does not commonly optimize Chip's Challenge. His scores for CC1 and CCLP2 are 5,962,750 and 5,996,910, respectively. He has also joined this wiki as Eric119, contributing some knowledge of specific glitches to it.

Tile World 2 is currently maintained by Eric.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
144 The Ancient Temple


# Name
9 Maze of One Way
39 Yike-o-Matic
42 Hmmm!
44 Fun House Rink
45 Breaking the Rules
48 And Then There Were... Four?
49 Just a Minute!!
51 The Lake in Winter
60 Internal Clock
73 Bumble Boy
86 Creative One-Ways
88 Don't Get Lost
93 Exit Chip
97 Roller Coaster
99 One-Block Sokoban
105 Yet Another Puzzle
111 Monster Factory
112 After the Rainstorm
119 Teeth
121 Flame Boy
122 Warehouse II
124 Paramecia
126 Dodge!
131 Time Bomb
132 Captured
140 Keep Trying
144 Wormwood
147 Cloner's Maze


# Name
140 Yet Another Yet Another Puzzle


# Name
81 Estranged for a Season
116 They're Not Called Blocks for Nothing


Many levels in EricS1 are rough edits of existing CC1 levels, which either change some tiles or monsters, alter the requirements, add additional sections, or fix previously busted levels. The levels worked over were, in order of appearance in the set:

# Name Mod of Changes
1 Chips Galore! Hunt All 788 chips required
20 Traffic Cop Traffic Cop Chip now has to use the walkers, and there are only five blocks
21 Huh? How Do You―? Traffic Cop There are no monsters at all, and seven blocks scattered across the level
23 Fireball Dilemma Lemmings No chips, only one water space and one block, and Chip must kill all the fireballs
25 Shadrach Fireflies No gravel
26 Smooth Move Lesson 8 Time limit reduced to 5, requiring the bold solution
35 Double Forced Entry Doublemaze All thin walls replaced with random force floors, lifting the boundaries of the maze
38 Watch Out Sampler No gravel, more monsters
39 Paramecia II Underground All dirt is replaced with chips; similar to Clear Out in Chip's Challenge 2
42 [Flooded] Castle Moat Castle Moat No flippers and many more blocks required
46 Invincible Champion Invincible Champion Changed monster order
47 Invincible Champion Again Invincible Champion Changed monster order, no water
48 Reversed Invincible Champion Invincible Champion Gliders and bugs switched, no water
51 Ice Maze Scavenger Hunt Changed to an ice maze, with the same boundaries
55 Southpole Southpole Additional barriers and keys added
58 Kablam Kablam Many more bombs added
59 Beware of Fire Beware of Bug Fireballs are cloned from the start area, and Chip must block them before they flood the level
61 Rink Icedeath Changed to a blue wall maze, with the same boundaries
63 AUGHHHHHhhhhh... Strange Maze Teeth and walkers now move, and the only destructive obstacles are bombs
72 Suicide II Suicide More pink balls, no block, water surrounding bomb corridor
74 Watch Out! II Drawn and Quartered All dirt and gravel is replaced with chips
75 Breakthroughs Traffic Cop Water and fire layout is slightly jumbled, ice added, the walkers must be used, and only five blocks
77 Isle of Force Floors Forced Entry Thirty fireballs are sliding around, and all walls are now water
78 Meshach Brushfire Most walls replaced with fire, bug removed and fireballs added, chips added to all dead ends
83 I Slide, Human I Slide Design edited without changing directional movements; bug added
88 Oorto Geld: The Sequel Oorto Geld One less glider, only one block, and a blob added
104 Chiller Instinct Ice Cube Outer edge covered in recessed walls, bug removed
105 Apartment: The Challenger Trinity Complicated with recessed walls, plus a fireball and glider guarding two of the chips
116 Suicide III Suicide Less bombs, most walls removed, many toggle walls added, walkers instead of gliders, more bombs, no block
138 Treasure Hunt Scavenger Hunt Walkers coming from a clone machine chase Chip; similar to Spirals
146 Chaos to Oblivion Metastable to Chaos Design uses walls instead of floor, Chip must use four keys to unlock four chips

Twenty-eight of Eric Schmidt's levels were placed into CCLP2, largely stacked in the middling to hard categories. Some of the hardest CCLP2 levels, such as Warehouse II, Exit Chip, Yet Another Puzzle, and Cloner's Maze were created by Eric. Another of his levels, Yet Another Yet Another Puzzle, formerly titled The Last Laugh II, was placed in CCLP3.


  • Eric is the only designer to have at least one level in all four Chip's Challenge Level Packs, and one of just two people, along with Mike Lask, to have a level in each of the first three packs.
  • The chairman of Google shares the name Eric Schmidt with this Eric Schmidt, though they are not the same person.