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Killer Rooms

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Killer Rooms is the 54th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. Slightly unorthodox room arrangements and odd tile combinations make this level a deadly, but not very difficult, puzzle. Odd step is ideal.

Remove one water, take the chips, then clone two more blocks and remove the dirt. There are several ways to do this section, but the best combination of quick and easy is clone two more blocks (using the ice space), wait [1/2] and remove the first dirt, then the second, and finally to use two more to escape. Climb column 9 (with the boots), then take the four keys and chip, and then move to the fireballs above.

Pick up the first three chips on the bottom, then the chips by the bugs, and then U-turn all the way back to the start. From the final chip, move D 2R 2D to escape the teeth. Move all the way to the right, drop block 2 into the water, and take the chips before bridging to the fire boots.

Slip under the thieves near the start and wait [3] combined for the tank and fireballs; zigzag left and right across the four rows, then move U 3R and hold south over the ice and force floor to avoid death by fireball. On the far right is a row of locks that opens up the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 54.png


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