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Dave Borgman

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Dave Borgman is a somewhat famous level designer, having 21 of his levels appear in CCLP2. He has made two custom level sets, DaveB1 with 65 levels and DaveB2 with 23 levels. They are among the oldest custom sets available online, being last updated October 23, 1999 and November 14, 1999, respectively.

Dave's levels, much to the dismay of beginner Chipsters, often contain a large amount of guesswork and hidden information, usually via invalid tiles. Block Away!, Chip Search, The Search for the Exit, The Block Stops Here, Tricks, and Blocked Trap are all levels in CCLP2 that he designed. He also designed A Sample of Things to Come, which in his level set was the first level and did indeed provide an accurate depiction of his later levels, but didn't fit well in depicting the later levels of CCLP2. Most of his other levels are simple in nature, often involving many monsters with some puzzles here and there.

While he has been successful designing levels, his scores remain unknown.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
4 Force World
15 Debug File
17 Double Trouble
19 A Sample of Things to Come
21 Block Away!
23 Traps I
24 Sudden Death
27 Frozen Floors
28 Madness I
40 Traps II
47 Tele-Rooms
54 Killer Rooms
56 Planet of the Teeth
57 Quad-Boot
68 Madness II
74 Chip Search
76 Fire Bugs
78 The Search for the Exit
82 The Block Stops Here
108 Tricks
109 Blocked Trap