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Ladder is the 36th level in Chip's Challenge 1. Indeed, the level is composed of five different "ladders". Start with the blue key on the left (do not go through the recessed wall to its left yet), take the first ladder, remove the second ladder on the far south as far as the second blue key, and then open its lock to enter the tank ladder (the green button below it is useless).

Past the first tank is the entrance to the lower toggle wall ladder; release the trap at the entrance, which allows Chip to exit this room with its toggle wall closed and thus the upper ladder's wall open, then hold open each trap to reach the next one and eventually the chip at the bottom (be careful not to touch any of the traps until they are held open). The upper ladder works the same way, except the bottom block is not needed because there are no more toggle walls anywhere else. The rest of the chips are at the top of the tank ladder and the ones left behind at the bottom.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 36.png


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