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Category:Levels quicker in Lynx than MS

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There are nine levels in CC1 which can be completed faster in Lynx than in MS. There are also twelve in CCLP1, twelve in CCLP2, five in CCLP3, and five in CCLP4.

Though most of the timing differences between Lynx and MS favor the latter, there are a couple reasons how a level can be quicker to complete in the former. A main requirement is that the MS route has very little or no boosting. One would think that block slapping would often allow for gains in Lynx compared to MS, but surprisingly this rarely helps in the end, since often pushing blocks is accompanied by animation delay. The most common cause for a level to be solved quicker in Lynx than MS is the speed advantage offered by trap sliding in Lynx. Differences in monster behavior also account for many timing differences, but these are not due to any single cause.

Several levels remain that could possibly belong in this category but currently it is unknown if more optimal Lynx solutions are possible. Determining this difference is most difficult in levels with abundant monster collision possibilities, such as Red, Green and Blue, Caves, Bustin' Out, and Divide and Conquer. Another interesting case is BlockSlide, as there is no slide delay, block slapping, and different rules for pushing sliding blocks while on ice; so it is difficult to tell how quick the best possible Lynx solution might theoretically be.