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Paul Hobden

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Paul Hobden is an early level designer with few levels available online. His two level sets, PaulH1 and PaulH2, contain 7 and 10 levels respectively to make a total of only 17 levels. Eight of these levels appear in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2.

If one were to compare the versions of levels in Paul's original sets to the versions seen in CCLP2, some odd busts can be noticed. Sometimes an item required to make progress will simply be lying out in the open; for example, in PaulH2's Island Hopping, a blue key can be found in a room full of tanks and guarded by a yellow lock and fire, but in its original version another blue key can be found right next to the starting area. The fire boots are still required to collect the items behind the blue lock, but the yellow key becomes completely pointless; the reason behind this second blue key's existence is unknown.

Similarly, the original version of High Security did not have sockets guarding the exit, though this is more likely to be simply an oversight on Paul's part, probably due to not realizing the one socket in the level was pointless due to the suction boots. Similarly, PaulH1's Blocks 'n Bombs featured blue and green keys sitting right next to the locks, though this hardly makes a difference as the computer chips in both rooms are still required.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
2 Naomi's Bug Collection
3 Bea's Den
35 Mirror
75 BuggyWall
77 Madd Maze
103 Island Hopping
118 High Security
125 Blocks 'n Bombs

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