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Rolf Redford

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Rolf Redford is a relatively unknown level designer who has released few level sets online.

In August 2001, he released a set of 13 levels known as RolfR1, and submitted his pack for CCLP2. Four of his levels made it into the final product. After the release of CCLP2, he disappeared for a few years before returning with a new 20 level pack called NewRolfLevels.ccl. Alongside this, he also released an "evil mirror" counterpart, NewRolfLevels-EVILMIRROR.ccl, which featured the same 20 levels, but often made more challenging. He submitted this pack for CCLP3 and got two levels in. Later in 2016, he would re-release NewRolfLevels and its evil mirror version to fix some levels including one unsolvable evilmirror level, and submitted both packs for CCLP4. Unfortunately, he did not get any levels into the final product.

In 2009, he released two other sets, RolfNewMSMaps.ccl and RolfNoSolutions.ccl. The former contains 8 levels and all are only solvable in MS. The latter contains 5 levels and all are unsolvable in MS and Lynx, and all feature Chip constantly sliding for use as a possible screensaver.

In 2019, he released another level set, called RolfR2, reverting naming system to older one. It contains 15 levels. He also made worolfr1 set, which is walls of rolfr1. He said this: "To do those walls justice".

In 2020, he invented a challenge of 10 walls of level. He chose Frostbite and made 10 levels out of walls of that level. Challenge required person to make 10 differently themed levels out of single level walls. Name is tenwallsoffrostbite.ccl

Also in 2020 to 2021, he also made bunch of modified cc1 and cclps replacing most of walls with blocks. Just to see interesting variation.

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  • Rolf is the only known Chipster who is deaf in real life.