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Skelzie is the 127th level in Chip's Challenge 1. Unlike any other level in CC1 or CCLP2, Skelzie's bold can only be scored in the MSCC version; the Twice Step Glitch has not been programmed into Tile World yet. In Tile World, 453 (the first solution) is the most that can be obtained, explained below (it is much simpler). Someone seeking to get 454 should use the second walkthrough solution, which requires significantly more accurate timing and the application of the Twice Step Glitch. Both solutions are explained below.


Step out of the way either L or R, then >[3:UD U] to a red key, >D back to the start, and then [1/2] *U, clicking on trap 2 in this room, which will cause the glitch to trigger: If the player clicks on a teleport, it can make Chip "skip" an occupied teleport (the [1/2] wait allowed one of the pink balls to occupy the teleport) and move to the next one instead. This allows Chip to slide down out of the teleport in the red key's room rather than back to the red key's location again. Swap the keys until Chip reaches the green button and chip, then re-enter the teleports with >DUD LU and >[3:RL]. Now, click *R in the same spot, which is now U 2R off Chip, which will cause Chip to first slide >R and then >L, activating the glitch again on the latter move since Chip's >L move is still under control of the mouse. Continue to teleport >[4:RL R] and now [1/2] >L to avoid a collision, and then play DR 2D to exit the level.

Note that the AVI places the original click 2U 2R from the teleport, so the player doesn't have to move the mouse for the second click. The Twice Step Glitch, and for that manner the Mouse Panel Glitch, will work no matter how far away the mouse is clicked, as long as the sides of the rectangle are not equal; if the player clicks 3R 2U from Chip, it has the same effect as if it were 2R U. However, a 2R 2U click would be read as *U rather than *R (the rule of teeth applying again), and to flick a block U while Chip moves R.


At the start, dodge the pink ball by moving either left or right, then >[3: UD U] to obtain the red key. Then, move >DU, and step LD to switch teleport directions. Slide >[4:RL], and switch directions again by stepping DR. Slide >[3:UD] and exit the room through the recessed wall. If done correctly, there should be 6 chips remaining at this point.

Swap items to reach the green button and re-enter the teleports through the open toggle wall. Slide >[3:DU], switch directions by stepping LD, and finish by sliding >[4:LR]. Move DRDD to the exit.

With very good luck, a blob can press the toggle button for Chip saving [4] on this route, raising the time to a 454. This can be seen at the public TWS, or as the last video on the page.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 127.png


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