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Trust Me

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Trust Me is the 135th level in Chip's Challenge 1. While Trust Me is located at slot 135, it isn't that hard thanks to the Controller and Boss Glitch. Chip can collect the yellow key near the bug clone machine a few spaces east of the start, past the gravel, and then walk back to the exit. The No boost route is shown in the first AVI; this route has been optimized out to a 256 score. Presumably, the level's name was intended as irony - all the keys are protected in many different ways. Instead, it's even more ironic that it's busted.

Because of the differences between the MS and Lynx ruleset, you can collect a total of six keys in the MS version.

  1. (9,23): A paramecium clone machine guards this key, but it does not clone at certain times because of the Controller and Boss Glitch
  2. (13,25): To collect this key, a dirt tile must be removed to access the key which is down a long path. The paramecia normally trap you within it, but if you wait long enough, the paramecia will collide with one another in such a way that they all walk in circles.
  3. (15,9): In Lynx, the yellow key is a monster acting wall, but not in MS. Therefore, the bug drowns and Chip can safely obtain the key.
  4. (17,11): This was the intended key to grab. Once you get the suction boots from the northeast corner of the level, you can safely get the key and exit.
  5. (10,9): This key is guarded by a bug clone machine, but fails because of the Controller and Boss glitch. This key is used in the 293 route.
  6. (6,6): Chip can obtain this key if he has the suction boots and the bug clone machine to the east fails.

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 135.png


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