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Chase Race

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Chase Race is the 30th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. As it is obviously designed to be, Chip must continue to race away from the monsters, with little choice available to him. Therefore, Chase Race's only tricks are running and figuring out how to exit. The MS bold time is easy to stumble on because the route is so static.

Step up onto the hint, then take the two boots, pass the fire, take the chips, then glide all the way around the top and collect the four keys, through the ice, past the teeth clone machine, down the south fork to the final chip, over the force floor and eventually onto the thief, and use the ice skates to escape the ice corner. Continue to follow the path to the ice corner in front of the teleport, which Chip can step over and exit.

Fix for Lynx[edit]

Chase Race is impossible in Lynx due to the two ice corners and because the blue key is erased by the bugs. To work around this, CCLXP2 changes all the keys and locks into red, since red keys do not affect or are affected by objects, and changes (31, 27) into a normal ice tile. To allow Chip to use the teleport to the exit, the ice corner at (24, 21) is changed to a south force floor, and the thief at (31, 29) is changed to gravel.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 30.png


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