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Icedeath is the 140th level in Chip's Challenge 1. Icedeath is nothing short of a guessing game all the way to the ice skates; one wrong move and you'll almost always sink in the water. This nonstop guessing game has given Icedeath a highly negative reputation among many Chipsters, and even the level's designer and the creator of the game, Chuck Sommerville, agrees with this.

The route through is simple with a map: UR 2U LDRDR 3D 2L 2U 2L ULULDRDL 2D RD 2R URUR 2U 2L U 3L 2D 2R D 2R 2D 2R U 3L U 2L D 4R 2U 4L 4U 2R D 5R U and then skate into the exit.

Decade message[edit]

The completion of this level reveals the last of the special decade messages:
Groov-u-loids! Chip makes it almost to the end. He's stoked!

Full level map[edit]

Cc1 full map level 140.png


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