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Ignore Passwords

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Ignore Passwords is an unlisted command in the MS version of Chip's Challenge that allows passwords to be ignored up to level 146 (e.g. Cake Walk in CC1 or Run-a-Muck in CCLP2).

There are several different input keystrokes which will work; Ctrl-D, Ctrl-K, Ctrl-T, and Ctrl-F5 have all been recorded to add Ignore Passwords to the menu. Ignore Passwords can be deselected at any time, and closing a session will remove it from the menu, but will not lock previously unlocked levels.

The divisions between 1 to 145 and 146 to 149[edit]

The final four levels in CC1 (and any levelset using its engine, such as CCLP2) are separated by a glass ceiling; a player cannot pass into level 146 without a password. If, however, a player selects any password from the final four after using Ignore Passwords, all four of them are consequently unlocked. Otherwise, all the other levels will remain locked. If level 145 is completed while using Ignore Passwords, a player reaches level 146, which unlocks the final four levels.

Level 145 (Thanks to... in CC1) will also be unlocked when Ignore Passwords is used within the final four, but not during the first 144. Level 144 (Fireflies in CC1), however, will remain locked until its password is entered, and then all previous levels are unlocked.

When Ignore Passwords is used and a player uses the Go To command, a player must always include at least the level number, or Chip's Challenge will close from the Termination Glitch.


Aside from the obvious benefits of being able to reach any level, Ignore Passwords is very highly encouraged if a player is jumping directly to the three Cypher levels (Socialist Action, Goldkey, and Cake Walk); otherwise, there is no adjacent level where a player can reset the level score or the clock.

Tile World[edit]

When creating .DAC files with CCEdit, a Use Passwords option is presented; deselecting this will automatically ignore passwords by default.