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Madhav Shanbhag

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Natural CC

Madhav Shanbhag is a famous level designer and contributor to the Chip's Challenge community. He was on the CCLP3 staff and did a large amount of playtesting and organizing of the set. He developed Tile World 2, which added many much-wanted features since Brian Raiter stopped working on it. The ability to fast-forward and rewind TWS solutions was added, a new interface was designed, and CCX files were introduced that could allow text to be displayed between levels.

Along with Andrew E., Madhav also wrote a program called cclpinfo which can display all the names and numbers of each level in a level set, along with the option to also show the hint, password, time limit, and chips required. In addition, he wrote a program called ccdiff which can pinpoint the differences between two versions of a custom level set, and designed a custom tile set called Natural CC in which Chip walks around in a grass field collecting potato chips.

Levels in official packs[edit]


# Name
33 Vague Dream
114 Lead Us Not into Temptation
122 Manic Depression
131 Mental Blocks
134 We'll Be Right Back
144 You Can't Teach an Old Frog New Tricks
145 Recurring Dream
146 Suspended Animation