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Paramecia (CCLP2 level)

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Paramecia is the 124th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. As clued in by the name, this specific level gives Chip a dose of paramecia with lots of hodgepodge dodging and technical movements. Chip must go on a quest through the ice, which contains some paramecia, to collect the suction boots required to exit.

Follow the paramecia up, boost past the trapped paramecium and to the ice skates. Wait for the sliding paramecium, then step onto the force floor and continue 3U LD 2R 4D to collect eleven red keys. If you are playing in the original Microsoft version, be careful of the Transparency Glitch. Skate north into the teleport, just ahead of the paramecium, to avoid three of the red locks and decrease the number of keys required to eleven.

Open all the other red locks, then move into the west alcove to the top to wait for the loose paramecium, and then switch to the east alcove when the paramecium moves north. Now, you can take the fire boots and move the hot block, and slide through the ice. The path leads to suction boots; now, Chip has to get back to the start. Slide back U and take the ice skates; Chip now needs fire boots to get back inside.

Skate out, hide on the gravel underneath and wait [5] for the approaching paramecium that was released from the suction corridor. The boosting past the thief is difficult, but [4] of these [5] can be lost during this section. Continue outwards behind the monster and skate north through the center, waiting [1] as the paramecium returns, then collect the fire boots in the far northeast.

Escape the approaching paramecia with 3L DR 4D LD; the same paramecium from earlier is now approaching from the right, and is too close to allow Chip to the next gravel space. Wait [6] and then follow him all the way back to the teleporting paramecium; wait for it to come to the bottom, then move L 2U RL 2U to climb the ladder. Now, go back home and exit.

Fix for Lynx[edit]

Boosting is required to escape the beginning room, which makes Paramecia unsolvable in Lynx; and even if this paramecium were removed, the paramecia moving around near the teleports would partial post off of each other and get stuck in an infinite loop far faster than they would in MS. CCLXP2 adds a force floor S above this paramecium so that Chip can still sneak through the paramecium at the start, and adds open toggle walls next to the teleports and a small mechanism in the lower right that will only press a green button if Lynx mode is being used.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 124.png


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