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The rover is a monster introduced in Chip's Challenge 2. It can travel over dirt, gravel, and other similar tiles which normally block monsters, but like blobs, move at half the speed of most monsters. Rovers have the ability to pick up and use keys (except red keys) and tools, push blocks, and pick up bonus flags, though the player is not awarded bonus points when they do. Canopies and fire are acting walls to rovers, even when they have fire boots. After a player has collected all required chips, rovers can remove chip sockets. Its movement mimics that of other monsters and changes periodically from one type to another.


Each behavior lasts for 32 attempted moves. A cycle can be shortened if the rover gets stuck or runs into a wall, and can be lengthened by delaying voluntary movement, such as sliding, being trapped, or being on a clone machine, in which cases it will not update for the duration it cannot voluntarily move. There is one exception: if a rover is in a state in which it can attempt a move (e.g. fully on a floor tile) but doesn't because it is in a teeth state during an odd tick, it will still advance its 32-move counter on that tick. As a consequence, a rover with speed boots traveling normally will complete its teeth phases roughly 5 times faster (5 attempted moves every 0.4 seconds - one on each odd tick in addition to the one on even+0).

Appearance Behavior
Angry teeth
Purple ball
Timid teeth
Fire box