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The transmogrifier, also known informally as a transformer, is a tile introduced in Chip's Challenge 2. If certain objects step over this tile, they will be transformed into other objects.


The following transformations are cyclic, i.e. the last entry in the list will transform into the first entry:

Blobs will pseudorandomly choose one of the following to transform into (choice independent of blob seed):

The following are not affected by the transmogrifier:


Transmogrifiers can be wired. If one is wired, it will be on if and only if the wire is powered; if it is not wired, it will always be on. An off transmogrifier will act as floor and not transform anything that enters it.

Note that, while transmogrifiers are technically wired to the tile like pink buttons and teleports (as opposed to the tile's edge, like flame jets and clone machines), the portion of wire that's on the transmogrifier tile has no effect on whether the transmogrifier is considered wired, even though it may appear otherwise. More precisely, a wired transmogrifier without this wire stub will appear as if it is always on, but will actually be off if the wire is not powered. The opposite is false, however; an unwired transmogrifier with a wire stub will appear correctly as always on.