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Chip Search

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Chip Search is the 74th level in Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2. With a good dose of monsters in it and a lot of traps and tricks around the items, Chip Search requires intelligent analysis of the booby trap patterns - and a bit of luck.

Immediately step 2R and off the thief, and take chip 5 only from the windmill; the safe chips are in a pattern, with the south edge and chips 5 and 8 untrapped. Go to the southwest, collect all the chips except the last one, which contains a trap with no brown button connection (otherwise Chip could safely take it, due to the rules of traps on the lower grid layer), and then return to the windmill. Collect chips 10 to 12, the suction boots and chip 8, then return to the ice pool, take the other chip and flippers, and use them to reach the fire boots and four chips in the northwest.

Teleport >D to the fire area, take the two currently available keys, then move >L and open the blue lock, then the red lock and green lock, and reverse backwards to take three chips underneath each of them. Continue to walk straight south into the tank room and walk, off the last patch of gravel, 6D 3R 5D 4R 2D to the three chips, then venture 3L out and back to the teleport. Leap >U to the yellow key, use it to collect the last chip, and then teleport south and keep holding to the exit.

Full level map[edit]

Cclp2 full map level 74.png


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